Editorial Illustration

In one of my illustration classes we are learning about and making different kinds of illustration- such as editorial illustration. This is my first attempt at such a thing really. We had to pick an article out of a stack of magazines to illustrate. I picked an article in the National Geographic about a Siberian medical train.



Meet Frederick

For my Illustration class us right-handers had to draw with our left hand really quick, and produced all these scribbles which we threw into a pile. We then had to pick 3 that weren’t our own, and combine them into one illustration. I made this… a dragon disguised as a flower? Is he about to eat that butterfly, or just have a happy moment? Hmmm….. But, for some reason, his name is Frederick and I love him.IMG_3321

City Dragon

This is a watercolor illustration I did the last part of last semester for my Alternative Mediums class. I love dragons… and this is a city dragon/dragon city? In space?

  City Dragon

Edwin my Mouse at Home


He is a character that I thought of a few years ago, and who has made a few appearances in my art since then. I love him, and I’ve always been surprised by the almost affection people have shown him.

I have plans for after graduation this summer. One of them is a webcomic for Edwin. I have fought with ideas of stories and books, but the comic idea is the current favorite, and where it seems that I want to start.

I think Edwin is something significant. I wonder what he’ll be up to next.


Dragons, Korean Actors, and Color.

Here is a finished project and a sketchbook assignment for my Color Theory class.

I seem to love dragons lately. I made 3 separate little paintings in “frames,” then attached them to my “wall” with tape.

And sometimes it seems I watch and know more Korean celebrities than my own countries’. Hey, I love Asian film.

Watercolor Dragon Color Theory Painting

Lee Joon Ki Colorpencil
Timed Lee Joon Ki Colorpencil Homework.

Winter in Watercolor

We have to turn in the 4 seasons in watercolor for my alternative mediums class. I especially like how winter turned out, and it was the one I was probably the most nervous about. I wasn’t sure how the mist and the trees would work out… but, somehow it did. I enjoyed it.

watercolor winter scene painting for alternative mediums class

Mischief Managed.

I saw an opportunity to draw something from Harry Potter, so I took it. We had to do a monochromatic still-life in watercolor. It was nice timing: Fall is coming, which equals Halloween, which equals the general season in which I love to watch Harry Potter.

Sketch before watercolors.
Sketch before watercolors.
Finished Watercolor
Finished Watercolor