My One Ok Rock Gift

Pretty much everyone in my life knows I love music and concerts, and that my favorite band is One Ok Rock, a Japanese rock band.

So… I’ve seen them 4 times, met them approximately 2.65 times, have autographs, pictures, and have given them 2 pieces of mine. I’m oddly thorough at times, what can I say? I’m not sorry for any of it and I’d do it all again.

Anyway. This is what I made- I gave it to them at a meet and greet.


It’s based off their song/music video “Deeper Deeper” and it’s made with Micron pens on a piece of canvas-like stuff that I found.

It was cool because we were at the end of the meet and greet line, they had hugged and smiled for a lot of people, but they still reacted to this so genuinely, which was lovely. 🙂

I haven’t seen them since October. It’s about time for another concert.



Don’t Worry It’s Safe

For my last photoshop project we had to pick a song and make a painting based off it. I chose “The Beginning” by One Ok Rock. This is a song that was kind of my soundtrack to a summer about 3 years ago, when I decided things had to happen, despite money or health issues. Funny how things come when you need them eh?

I was also looking to the Dutch still-lifes for influence. They are still-life, which some people complain about as boring, and yet somehow the detail and creatures and life happening in these paintings make them look vibrantly alive.

I am so happy that I am getting a grip on the world of digital. Kind of. I am sure I will ALWAYS be learning, but to make something look like I had planned more or less makes me so happy.

Don't Worry It's Safe