Shaolin Monk Character Study

I recently found the Character Design Challenge! group on Facebook and wanted to submit this little character study of the current challenge, which is generally a “Shaolin monk.” I used it to help me practice using line work in my illustration… I love line work but I haven’t quite polished how I like to use it, especially when working digitally. MSullivan_ShaolinMonk

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas so far!


Sophie & Rinn Children’s book

Once in a while you sell your soul to a project. This children’s book project for my Book Publishing class may be my favorite project up to this point. As in, ever, in or out of school. I hope I write well, because creating the entirety of this story and designing the visuals made me so happy.

These are pencil comps for a book dummy that we will complete in my next class.

Meet Sophie and Rinn (the mer-boy). Edwin my mouse is hiding somewhere, as usual.



The world of Story-dom is one I will definitely explore more. I already knew that, but it was nice to have that solidified for me through this class project.

Dragons, Korean Actors, and Color.

Here is a finished project and a sketchbook assignment for my Color Theory class.

I seem to love dragons lately. I made 3 separate little paintings in “frames,” then attached them to my “wall” with tape.

And sometimes it seems I watch and know more Korean celebrities than my own countries’. Hey, I love Asian film.

Watercolor Dragon Color Theory Painting

Lee Joon Ki Colorpencil
Timed Lee Joon Ki Colorpencil Homework.

Mischief Managed.

I saw an opportunity to draw something from Harry Potter, so I took it. We had to do a monochromatic still-life in watercolor. It was nice timing: Fall is coming, which equals Halloween, which equals the general season in which I love to watch Harry Potter.

Sketch before watercolors.
Sketch before watercolors.
Finished Watercolor
Finished Watercolor

Self-Portrait for Anatomy Class

We had to do a self portrait on toned paper using white and one other color for anatomy class this week. I decided I wanted to brave charcoals, even though I’ve only used them maybe 3 times, and that was at least 5 years ago…

So it was a learning experience. Of course it was. I didn’t realize for some reason that ribbed paper was indeed ribbed… even if one side looked smoother. So I had a bit of paper texture to work with… so from the start I saw I had go with a “rough look.” (Yes, I could have bought more paper, but… art student budget, ya know?)

I also didn’t realize that my white charcoal wasn’t as soft as I wanted… so, I guess yet another way to make it look rough right?

And I kind of lost my face in the charcoaling of my sketch… As you can see, I found it with some success again. Just, it’s not what it was, which is disappointing.

I also discovered that charcoal doesn’t like to stick to waxy color pencils that I used for the sketch underneath. I know now!

So, now that I’ve ripped up my work what’s left right? Actually, I like this over all. It was all experimental. I didn’t play it safe. I was brave. I did my best. I did something I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

I think it was good for me and it turned out half decent! I ripped it up so you could kind of time travel through the struggle with me- not because I was scared to show you something I thought was imperfect. It was a fight and I wanted you to know that, so you could feel my sense of recklessness, struggle, and “hey, that didn’t turn out so bad.”

Maybe I should experiment more often ya know? Especially with digital media… ohgoshshootmenowherecomesthepain!

Self-portrait for anatomy class
Self-portrait for anatomy class.