Creature and Texture Study

This is a project I did for my photoshop painting class. I forgot how many textures we had to combine… but the focus was on using a variety of animals and textures for the sake of creativity and practice with realism.

I made a red panda dragon. Sort of. It was actually based on a photo of a baby I used to babysit. I can see the resemblance actually.

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Meet Frederick

For my Illustration class us right-handers had to draw with our left hand really quick, and produced all these scribbles which we threw into a pile. We then had to pick 3 that weren’t our own, and combine them into one illustration. I made this… a dragon disguised as a flower? Is he about to eat that butterfly, or just have a happy moment? Hmmm….. But, for some reason, his name is Frederick and I love him.IMG_3321

City Dragon

This is a watercolor illustration I did the last part of last semester for my Alternative Mediums class. I love dragons… and this is a city dragon/dragon city? In space?

  City Dragon

Dragons, Korean Actors, and Color.

Here is a finished project and a sketchbook assignment for my Color Theory class.

I seem to love dragons lately. I made 3 separate little paintings in “frames,” then attached them to my “wall” with tape.

And sometimes it seems I watch and know more Korean celebrities than my own countries’. Hey, I love Asian film.

Watercolor Dragon Color Theory Painting

Lee Joon Ki Colorpencil
Timed Lee Joon Ki Colorpencil Homework.