John William Waterhouse’s Mermaid Cyborgified.

Here is another of my Color Theory Class projects. We had to redo a masterpiece, and I have always loved John William Waterhouse’s Mermaid painting, so I made a cyborg version. At least, cyborg was what I was going for… it’s more of cyborg-mixed-with-elvish-armor-style it seems.

cyborg mermaid

Dali Inspired Painting

… from last semester in Color Theory class. We were able to use 3 colors for this, I believe, and not use black. We also had to pick a master painting and make our own rendition of it. Interestingly enough, I was attracted to the drawers paintings of Salvador Dali. I rediscovered my growing love of surrealism as well. Who knows, maybe I will produce more such paintings…

Anyway, this painting is probably one of my favorites I’ve done so far. I really enjoyed it.


Dragons, Korean Actors, and Color.

Here is a finished project and a sketchbook assignment for my Color Theory class.

I seem to love dragons lately. I made 3 separate little paintings in “frames,” then attached them to my “wall” with tape.

And sometimes it seems I watch and know more Korean celebrities than my own countries’. Hey, I love Asian film.

Watercolor Dragon Color Theory Painting

Lee Joon Ki Colorpencil
Timed Lee Joon Ki Colorpencil Homework.