In Other News, an Internship in Tokyo

As I said in the previous post I talked about how I want to travel/live abroad for a while in Japan or South Korea after I graduate in about a year (Summer 2016). In recent efforts to reach out to people and mingle a bit, I am now writing/interning for Design Made in Japan based in Tokyo. It’s a non-paying lil gig, but I like it and it helps me connect with people and learn.

Here’s the first post I wrote for them. 

It’s related to STAR WARS. Ye-yah! I’m not sure what I’m expecting, but I am at least excited for the new movie this Christmas.


Update on Possible Future Adventures

I say “possible,” but something is going to happen.

It’s been on my mind for about 4 years now to travel to/live a while in Japan or South Korea. Heck, who knows where…. but I’ve wanted to head that general direction after I graduated for a while.

I graduate in a year now, so it’s all getting close. In about 5 or 6 months I’m going to have to really push applying for jobs and finding out real concrete solutions to things like visas, tickets, places to live, etc. Obviously I would love to have an illustration/animation/design job, but I am also very seriously starting out teaching English. At first teaching English was just a way to get over there, get settled, and make money. Now I am not so sure that it’s not something I really want to do because I think it would be an awesome experience. I fought that notion at first, because I saw it as a distraction from goals and what I have been studying. Now I don’t care. I want both. I also want both countries, and I am really torn.

So I’m just going to apply to all kinds of art and teaching jobs in both countries. I guess. We will see what happens. I’m purposefully calm right now actually, because I’m pretty dang excited.

I have been researching and studying and reaching out to people about this for about a year now at least. Of course if any of you have ideas or contacts or suggestions let me know!

My First Finished 3D Model

This past semester I took 3D modeling 1. This is my final for that class done with Modo. Modo killed one computer during that class… I hope the new used one I got now will survive 3D modeling 2.

Anyway, 3D modeling was totally new to me, so I enjoyed start to dabble in this field of illustration last semester.  I liked modeling the wax and adding the point light in the flame.

modo, luxology, candle, 3D modeling, illustration

Creature and Texture Study

This is a project I did for my photoshop painting class. I forgot how many textures we had to combine… but the focus was on using a variety of animals and textures for the sake of creativity and practice with realism.

I made a red panda dragon. Sort of. It was actually based on a photo of a baby I used to babysit. I can see the resemblance actually.

dragon, fantasy, photoshop, digital painting, red panda, art student, art school, photoshop painting

Don’t Worry It’s Safe

For my last photoshop project we had to pick a song and make a painting based off it. I chose “The Beginning” by One Ok Rock. This is a song that was kind of my soundtrack to a summer about 3 years ago, when I decided things had to happen, despite money or health issues. Funny how things come when you need them eh?

I was also looking to the Dutch still-lifes for influence. They are still-life, which some people complain about as boring, and yet somehow the detail and creatures and life happening in these paintings make them look vibrantly alive.

I am so happy that I am getting a grip on the world of digital. Kind of. I am sure I will ALWAYS be learning, but to make something look like I had planned more or less makes me so happy.

Don't Worry It's Safe

Digital Kenshin!

This post is special to me. I’ve been struggling for, well, enjoyment in my long journey to digital art. It’s been so difficult that so far, it’s not been really fun. Until now. Granted, it’s still difficult and I have much to learn. I always will. But this! I had a moment here! It somewhat worked, and I surprised myself for the first time. These paintings represent so much to me.

1) They are my first digital paintings I LIKE.  That look ok. That I am proud of.

2) They are Rurouni Kenshin related. I didn’t grow up with anime and I don’t know much about most of them, but I know enough to know Kenshin is amazing and one of my favorite characters.

3) I’m starting to like digital art and I want to learn more. Things are coming together.

Enough of my gushing, here you go. Judge for yourself. 🙂 I would love any ideas or suggestions in regards to these paintings, and really about anything related in general.


Rurouni Kenshin live action Japanese film digital photoshop painting.


These were made as a set for a commemorative stamp project for photoshop class.

John William Waterhouse’s Mermaid Cyborgified.

Here is another of my Color Theory Class projects. We had to redo a masterpiece, and I have always loved John William Waterhouse’s Mermaid painting, so I made a cyborg version. At least, cyborg was what I was going for… it’s more of cyborg-mixed-with-elvish-armor-style it seems.

cyborg mermaid

Editorial Illustration

In one of my illustration classes we are learning about and making different kinds of illustration- such as editorial illustration. This is my first attempt at such a thing really. We had to pick an article out of a stack of magazines to illustrate. I picked an article in the National Geographic about a Siberian medical train.


Meet Frederick

For my Illustration class us right-handers had to draw with our left hand really quick, and produced all these scribbles which we threw into a pile. We then had to pick 3 that weren’t our own, and combine them into one illustration. I made this… a dragon disguised as a flower? Is he about to eat that butterfly, or just have a happy moment? Hmmm….. But, for some reason, his name is Frederick and I love him.IMG_3321